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UMS Night School: “Bodies in Motion” Session 1

Monday, January 27, 2014, 7:00 pm
U-M Alumni Center

Session 1: Choreography of the Everyday
This session: An introduction to performance analysis, and ways of thinking about all movement as a kind of choreography.

Can a body ask a question? Tell a joke? Create a contradiction? A dancer would say “yes” to all of these questions. But what about you? What do you notice about how people move around you every day? How do you know when someone is in a hurry? What makes a basketball player seem graceful while dribbling down the court? How do you know the kind of day someone’s having just based on posture? Bodies are expressive, and we know things about one another based on observing bodies in motion.

UMS Night School is a free series of 90-minute “classes” that combine conversation, interactive exercises, and lectures with genre experts to draw you into the themes behind each performance. Sessions are designed to both deepen your knowledge of the performing arts and connect you with other audience members. With Clare Croft, Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Michigan.

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