Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 7:30 pm
Michigan Theater

Renowned for its “perfectly polished professionalism, threaded through with dry wit and wry humor” (The Independent), the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has seen over 9,000 days of ukulele action. This group of all-singing, all-strumming ukulele players holds that all genres of music are available for reinterpretation, as long as they are played on the ukulele. With instruments small and large, in high and low registers, playing intricate melodies, simple tunes, and complex chords, the ensemble wields the limitations of the instrument with virtuosic expertise, revealing unsuspected musical insight. With cheerful nods to both the pompous and the trivial, the “Ukes’” performances are at once moving and amusing, hailing the popular and the highbrow.

Bring your Ukulele! 
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is also fond of inviting the audience to bring their ukuleles into the concert hall for audience participation songs. For their Ann Arbor performance, they invite audiences to play and sing along to Tom Petty’s American Girl.  Click here for chords and lyrics!

Program Book [PDF]

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The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain formed in 1985 as a bit of fun, but the first gig was an instant sell-out, and they’ve been performing ever since. The current ensemble has been playing together for over 20 years and has become something of a national institution. The Orchestra has given thousands of sold-out concerts across the world, and recently at the Sydney Opera House (2012), The Royal Albert Hall (2008) and New York’s Carnegie Hall (2010).

We welcome the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain for their UMS debut performance.