Educator Workshop: Arts Integration for 21st Century Learning

Monday, February 4, 2013, 4:30 pm
Ann Arbor District Library, Pittsfield Branch

Kennedy Center Workshop

Workshop description: The arts can strengthen and unify curriculum in today’s schools, bringing together previously isolated information into rich interdisciplinary learning. In this workshop, participants explore how the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics for grades 6–12 (Vancouver, Washington) has selected works of art which lend themselves to interdisciplinary, schoolwide, thematic instruction. Participants discover the value of teacher teams, thematic instruction, and community arts resources in efforts that can result in total school reform. They also learn how to plan, schedule, and restructure schools through the arts.

Deborah Brzoska is a nationally recognized leader in arts education who has worked with schools and arts organizations internationally and in nearly all fifty states. She is a former dancer and choreographer, a former district arts administrator and the founding principal of an award-winning arts-centered public school. A specialist in creative school reform, Deb worked for five years as a school designer for the Small Schools Project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  She also served as a co-chair for the National Assessment of Educational Progress in the Arts (1997 NAEP).  In 2008, Deb joined the Right Brain Initiative as leader of professional development in the large multi-district arts education program in Portland, Oregon. Deb has written about arts education for The Kennedy Center, the national Arts Education Partnership and The College Board.


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