International Theater Series

Bullet Catch

Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 7:30 pm
Arthur Miller Theatre

A stunt so dangerous that Houdini refused even to attempt it, the magic trick known as the Bullet Catch has claimed the lives of at least 12 illusionists, assistants, and spectators since its conception in 1613. Writer and performer Rob Drummond explores the history of the Bullet Catch, including the true story of William Henderson, who died in 1912 attempting the infamous trick. Drummond reads the minds of his audience as he leads them through a darkly humorous and engaging theatrical magic show featuring levitation, games of chance, and — for those who dare stay to the very end — the most notorious finale in show business.

Where does inspiration come from? What makes an artist tick? Join us for a post-performance Q&A and get a glimpse into the lives and minds of the artists that bring creativity to the stage. Must have a ticket to this evening’s performance to attend.

Performance Note:
The artists have requested to perform the work with no late seating break. Because we anticipate that arriving late and missing the entire work may be very disappointing, we are making extra efforts to ensure our audience for this concert is aware of the policy. Please be sure to review parking options at Arthur Miller Theatre.

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Rob Drummond is a writer, performer and director from Glasgow. His theater credits include Sixteen(Arches Theatre Festival), Hunter (National Theatre of Scotland and Frantic Assembly), Mr Write (Tron Theatre and the National Theatre of Scotland), and Rob Drummond: Wrestling (The Arches, winner of a Vital Spark Award), among others.

We welcome Rob Drummond for his UMS debut performance.

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General admission

  • $40