University Programs

UMS believes that experiences with the performing arts can enrich and enliven academic inquiry across all disciplines. As we continue to expand and strengthen our long-standing and distinctive partnership with the University of Michigan, we are committed to creating uncommon learning opportunities for students and faculty both in and outside the classroom.

The Education and Community Engagement Department at UMS contributes to the rich intellectual life of the University of Michigan in a myriad of ways:

  • providing master classes with world-class artists for pre-professional students in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance
  • Offering our signature course “Engaging Performance” to introduce U-M undergraduate students to the performing arts
  • partnering with the Medical School to animate the Medical Arts program
  • working with dozens of individual faculty members and units on campus to link specific UMS performances to courses across the curriculum.

UMS welcomes opportunities to collaborate with new academic partners and seeks out unexpected connections to enrich the course experience for students and faculty. Please contact Campus Engagement Specialist Shannon Fitzsimons Moen at with questions or ideas.

For Faculty


New! White Papers for Faculty

Over the course of the 2017-18 season, we will be releasing a series of white papers and case studies for U-M faculty members, to support them as they incorporate UMS performances and arts-based learning into their university courses.

How to Incorporate a UMS Performance Into Your Course introduces faculty to strategies to choose a performance experience for your course, and how to work with UMS to arrange tickets and craft a meaningful contextual experience for students.

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Arts Integrative Teaching in a Tenure and Promotion Portfolio outlines how arts-integrative teaching can be discussed in a tenure and promotion portfolio as an important part of a teaching philosophy, and how arts-integrative teaching supports several strategic priorities for the University of Michigan.

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Putting It Into Practice: Integrating UMS into Humanities Classrooms provides detailed case studies on how faculty in History, Classics, and English have used UMS performances in their courses. ”

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Putting It Into Practice: Integrating UMS into Science and Medicine Classrooms provides detailed case studies on faculty in Physics, Psychology, and in the Medical have used UMS performances in their courses.

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Course Development Grants

University of Michigan faculty of all disciplines and ranks are invited to propose courses that feature UMS’s 2017-18 programs in their instructional design for our new Course Development Grant program, which supports our goal of more broadly integrating the arts and arts-based learning strategies across the University curriculum.

Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, UMS will fund 5-8 courses per semester. Faculty fellows will receive $1,000 in salary supplement and $500 in course development funds.

Course development funds can be used towards:

  • Books and other research materials
  • Honoraria for guest speakers
  • Student ticket/admission costs to performances, museums, etc.
  • Transportation costs to/from arts events
  • Other relevant course costs with approval

Grantees will also receive curricular support from UMS Education and Community Engagement Staff, as well as special consideration for interactions with UMS visiting and teaching artists (subject to artist availability).

Application information and materials for 2018-19 will be made available on this page in early February, 2018.


Classroom Ticket Program

UMS provides $15 tickets to our performances to students and faculty in U-M classes that require attendance at our performances as part of the course design. For certain performances, the number of classroom tickets available may be limited. To arrange classroom tickets for your course, please fill out a request form. Please contact with any questions.

Request Tickets

Faculty wishing to further subsidize the cost of tickets for students should seek departmental funding or apply for an Arts at Michigan Course Connections grant. Arts at Michigan provides grants of up to $500 for faculty, staff, or graduate student instructors to incorporate arts-based learning activities into their courses. These funds may be used to buy tickets for students to attend a performance. Please visit the Arts at Michigan site for application information, and well as to learn about additional faculty funding opportunities for arts-integrated learning.

New! Monthly Newsletter for Faculty

Starting in Fall 2017, we began to publish a monthly newsletter for U-M faculty that highlights exciting arts-integrative teaching being done across the university, as well as funding opportunities for faculty, workshops and other relevant events. If you’d like to receive the newsletter, please sign up by clicking button below and selecting “U-M Faculty” under the “newsletter” section.

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Guides for Faculty: UMS in the Classroom

Each season, we provide a guide for university faculty to our performance season , which suggests curricular connections, contextual resources, and discussion prompts for each of our presentations. New for our 2017-2018 season, this information can be found on the performance page for each performance, under the “Related Events and Resources” heading.

We have also prepared a Course Connections index which lists connections by U-M school.

Faculty Receptions

Each year, UMS welcomes new faculty members to the University of Michigan by offering them a pair of complimentary tickets to one of two selected UMS performances in the fall semester. Before each performance, new faculty are invited to a reception to learn more about how UMS can enrich their lives both inside and outside the classroom. The deadline to register for this year’s performances has passed.

For Students

Student Tickets

College students get $12 or $20 tickets, depending on seat location. Review full student ticket policy.

Engaging Performance

Every winter semester, UMS offers the course “Engaging Performance” in partnership with LSA and SMTD, team-taught by faculty members in both schools. This course introduces students from all academic disciplines to the performing arts through the lens of 7-8 UMS performances in music, theatre, and dance. Students get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how our performances get made by meeting with UMS staff and artists and participating in hands-on workshops, and hone their skills in writing and speaking about performance. The course is open to any undergraduate student without prerequisite and carries humanities distribution credit.

WINTER 2018 (ENG 290.010, MUSPERF 200.001, ALA 260.001)
Instructors: Aric Knuth (English) and Gillian Eaton (Theatre)
Lecture: Tuesday/Thursday, 4-5pm (Angell Hall G127) plus one weekly discussion section

This course connects undergraduate students directly to the touring, world-class artists who perform music, theater, and dance on the U-M campus. Students will attend live performances, talk with the artists and the arts administrators who help get them here, and explore how the performing arts are an integral part of our lives and the world at large. Class will include lectures (including some by guests and visiting artists), weekly discussion sections, required attendance at evening performances, interactive classroom activities, weekly readings, reaction papers about the performances, and group presentations and/or performances from students in class.

Students will attend live performances of:

These performances constitute the course’s primary “textbook,” and the full package of tickets is available to students enrolled in the course for the dramatically reduced rate of $120. Engaging Performance is made possible through a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and a partnership between the University of Michigan and the University Musical Society (UMS).

ALA CourseguideMUSPERF CourseguideEnglish Courseguide

Upcoming Courses Engaged with UMS

Each year, dozens of U-M classes across the curriculum incorporate UMS performances into their course design. By using one or more of our live performances in conversation with other texts, faculty and students are able to draw new connections between disciplines.
A list of Fall 2017 courses engaging with UMS performances will be available here in late July.

UMS Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Insight Group

The Faculty Insight Group, representing a broad range of schools and academic disciplines, advises our staff on best practices for arts integrative learning.

  • Mark Clague, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (SMTD), Musicology (SMTD)
  • Clare Croft, Dance (SMTD)
  • Angela Dillard, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education; Afroamerican and African Studies and Residential College (LSA)
  • Gillian Eaton, Theatre (SMTD)
  • Linda Gregerson, English (LSA)
  • Marjorie Horton, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education (LSA)
  • Joel Howell, Internal Medicine (Medical School), Health Management and Policy (School of Public Health), History (LSA)
  • Daniel Klionsky, Life Sciences and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (LSA)
  • Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, American Culture, Romance Languages and Literatures, and Women’s Studies (LSA)
  • Mika Lavaque-Manty, Director of the LSA Honors Program; Political Science and Philosophy
  • Peggy McCracken, Director of the Institute for the Humanities; French, Women’s Studies, and Comparative Literature
  • Melody Racine, Interim Dean (SMTD), Voice (SMTD)
  • Katie Richards-Schuster, Social Work (School of Social Work)
  • Carol Tell, Director of the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program; English and Sweetland Center for Writing.
  • Emily Wilcox, Asian Languages and Cultures (LSA)
Course Development Grantees

Course Development Grants provide faculty members across the U-M campus with funds to integrate UMS performances into new or existing courses in their home discipline.

2017-18 Fellows

  • Julie Boland, Linguistics and Psychology
  • Jesse Capecelatro, Mechanical Engineering
  • David Chesney, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Clare Croft, Dance
  • Victor Fanucchi, Screen Arts and Cultures
  • Annette Joseph-Gabriel, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Elizabeta Karl, Dentistry
  • Petra Kuppers, English Language and Literatures, Women’s Studies, Art, and Theatre & Drama
  • Brian Love, Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Macromolecular Science and Engineering
  • Frank Marsik, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
  • Melinda Matice, English Language Institute
  • Sara McClelland, Women’s Studies and Psychology
  • Virginia Murphy, Program in the Environment, the Residential College
  • Ginger Shultz, Chemistry
  • Naomi Silver, Sweetland Center for Writing
  • Benjamin Teague, Art and Design
  • Raymond Wetzel, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, Residential College
  • Eli Zemper, International Poetry Guild, School of Education

2016-17 Grantees

  • Luciana Aenasoaie, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
  • Hakem Al-Rustom, History
  • Adisa Chaney, Social Work
  • Joel Howell, History/Honors Program/Medical School
  • Christianne Myers, Theatre
Faculty Institute Fellows

Faculty Institute Fellows are LSA faculty members who have completed the UMS Mellon Faculty Institute on Arts Academic Integration, a two-year series of workshops on curriculum development and various arts disciplines,  in order to create or revise a course in their home discipline incorporating UMS performances and arts-based learning strategies.

  • Sara Ahbel-Rappe, Professor of Classical Studies
  • Christine Aidala, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Naomi Andre, Associate Professor in Women’s Studies, the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies; Associate Director for Faculty at the Residential College; Associate Professor, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities Program
  • Gavin Arnall, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Kelly Askew, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Afroamerican and African Studies
  • Paul Barron, Lecturer of English Language and Literature/Lecturer at Sweetland Writing Center
  •  Netta Berlin, Lecturer, Classical Studies
  • Ruth Caston, Assistant Professor, Classical Studies
  • Deirdre de la Cruz, Assistant Professor, Asian Languages and Cultures and History
  • Manan Desai, Assistant Professor of American Culture
  • Scott Ellsworth, Lecturer, Afroamerican and African Studies
  • Jeffrey Evans, Associate Professor of Psychology and Faculty Counselor, Residential College, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Medical School
  • Ana Fernandez, Lecturer in the Residential College (Visual Arts)
  • Nancy Florida, Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Enrique Garcia Santo-Tomas, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Reighan Gillam, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies and African and Afro-American Studies
  • Karein Goertz, Lecturer, Residential College
  • Elizabeth Goodenough, Lecturer, Arts and Ideas, Residential College
  • Hank Greenspan, Lecturer in the Residential College (Psychology)
  • Linda Gregerson, Professor, English Language and Literature
  • Colin Gunckel, Assistant Professor, American Culture and Screen Arts and Cultures
  • Kristin Hass, Associate Professor/Director of Graduate Studies of American Culture
  • Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof, Associate Professor, History and American Culture
  • Tung-Hui Hu, Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature
  • S.E. Kile, Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Petra Kuppers, Professor, English Languages and Literatures, Women’s Studies, Art, and Theatre
  • Madhumita Lahiri, Assistant Professor, English, Screen Arts and Cultures
  • Victoria Langland, Associate Professor of History and Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Farina Mir, Associate Professor, History and Director, Center for South Asian Studies)
  • Laura Olsen, Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Academic Program Director, Undergraduate Program in Biology, Professor of Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Adela Pinch, Professor, English and Women’s Studies
  • Ana Sabau Fernandez, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Colleen Seifert, Professor, Psychology
  • Luis Sfeir-Younis, Lecturer in Sociology
  • Martin Strauss, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Carol Tell, Director, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, and Lecturer, Sweetland Writing Center
  • Kira Thurman, Assistant Professor, German and History
  • Ramona Uritescu-Lombard, Lecturer in Germanic Languages and Literatures/Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Cody Walker, Lecturer, English Language and Literature